How do PoS Solutions Work

PoS solutions are quite complex software and hardware systems, but the basic functionality can be explained by the following:

Shop Till

The shop till drawer is fed signals from the PoS software run by a personal computer system. The operation of the shop till drawer is controlled by signals given to the software via the touch screen till interface, the barcode scanner or the keyboard.

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is an imaging device which reads digital information via a laser beam. This barcode scanner is tied into the PoS software on the personal computer and is used to both read information to act on transactions and to input data for printing onto barcode labels

Barcode Printer

The barcode printer is a thermal printer capable of producing thermal receipts which have the item barcodes printed on them. The barcode printer is controlled from the personal computer.


Supplementary input device which is used to input more complicated commands to the PoS software held in the personal computer.

The Computer

The personal computer holds an operating system capable of running both the EPoS system and peripheral devices such as printers and scanners. This then acts as the interface to all devices and allows the system to function.

Touch screen interface

The touch screen interface allows operation of the shop till, management of the stock control system and display of all information. The touch screen is connected to the standard VGA port on the personal computer and also input ports to allow information to be input into the system, usually via a USB interface.

Ecommerce website

With some PoS Solutions, an ecommerce module is fed from the back office interface which is in turn is fed information from the stock control system. This allows selling of stock via this ecommerce website.