How can a PoS Solution help

A PoS Solution can help especially independant retailers as these systems offer to cut down on the time needed to manage multiple selling channels for retail stock. As these PoS systems are built around a centrallised stock system, the likelihood that stock is oversold is eliminated, the retailer can stock less and with reporting from the system the retailer can easily spot selling trends and plan ahead for selling seasons.

PoS solutions, which are more commonly referred to as EPoS Systems allow selling via multiple channels, which means that redundant stock can be more easily sold via websites such as Ebay and Amazon. EPoS systems such as those produced by UK based Intelligent Retail offer all of this functionality and more, with direct ‘drag and drop’ selling via Ebay (and soon Amazon), Google Products feed and total integration into an E-Commerce website. The Intelligent Retail Connect EPoS system also offers integration into SAGE accounts, which means that accounting becomes easy. This means that this particular PoS solution offers an easy and complete selling and management solution for independant retailers.