POS Solutions for modern retailers

Welcome! This website introduces the principles and practicalities of POS solutions for modern independant retail use.  We cover both the principles of use and examples from the real world of working POS systems from leading suppliers of these systems.

What is a POS Solution?

A POS solution or point of sale system is a development of the old style shop till which allows a retailer to hold cash and give change. Modern POS systems are now referred to as EPoS systems as they are fully electronic, usually running on a modern personal computer (PC) and utilising barcode scanning, thermal receipt printer and touch screen monitor for input. This gives modern POS solutions a degree of flexibility which old style shop till systems could never achieve.

How can a POS Solution help?

As an independant retailer, a POS solution will help stock control, free time and remove most of the errors associated with trading via multiple channels as modern EPoS systems are usually run from a central stock control system which powers both the shop till and an online shop. The Connect EPoS system from Intelligent Retail takes this further with integration into online selling channels such as Ebay and Amazon, Google Products and other online channels, giving the retailer one centrallised interface with which to populate multiple selling channels.

It can be seen that adding a PoS solution to any independant retail business will drastically increase the selling ability of the business and reduce costs and time spent in management.

How do PoS Solutions work?

PoS Solutions work by tying in a central database to till functionality, ecommerce website functions and other selling channels alongside other functions such as operation of barcode scanner, printer and touch screen. For a full explanation please visit the ‘How do PoS Solutions work’ page.